Artistic Achievements
NAIDOC Australian Indigenous Artist of the Year 2009
Supply Nation Business of the Year 

Human Rights Award for Print Media
Nominated as a Master of Photography National Geographic
Joint winner of Walkley Award
Victorian Indigenous Art Award
Robin O’Chin Memorial Art Award
Shades of Black Indigenous Artist of the Year
International Library of Photography Grand Prize Winner
Honorable mention William Bowness Award

Palais De Nations United Nations (Switzerland)
National Museum (Canberra)
Kingston Art Gallery (Melbourne)
Hamburgisches Museum (Germany)
Sotheby’s Auctions (New York)
Australian Embassies (Berlin, Jakarta, New York, Rome, Mexico, Washington, )
World Expo (China)
Ethnographic Museum (Sweden)
Tokyo University (Japan)
Citidel San Fransica (Cuba)
Powerhouse Museum (Sydney)
Art Centre Berlin (Germany)
Parliament House (Canberra)
Artistry Gallery (Melbourne)
Museum of Young Art (Austria)
Dreamtime Lo Spirito Dell'Arte Aborigena (Milan, Rome, Sicily)
Rushcutters Bay Gallery (Sydney)
Guam University (Guam)
Kluge Ruhe Museum (USA)
Alliance Francais (Canberra)
Hirikata Museum (Japan)
Boomali Art Gallery (Sydney)
Manningham Gallery (Melbourne)
Boscia Gallery (Melbourne)
Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory
Art Mob (Hobart)
Incinerator Gallery (Melbourne)
Linden Gallery (Melbourne)
Kyoto Museum (Japan)
AIATSIS (Canberra)
Sydney Olympic Games
2006 Commonwealth Games
Portrait Gallery Old Parliament House
W15 (Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, London)

His work includes documenting significant Indigenous events over the past 20 years including the Apology, 1967 Referendum anniversary, Garma, Laura, Burunga, Dreaming and Yeperenye festivals and thousands of community events throughout the country.  Wayne works with Indigenous groups in Cuba, Mexico, Bolivia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia and Guam developing intercultural art and cultural exchanges with the vision of creating global exhibitions.

Wayne’s practical working knowledge of Indigenous issues throughout the country is highly valued and sought after by International corporations including Federal, State and Local government.  He runs photographic workshops in remote, rural and urban communities and lectures at Universities, Secondary and Primary educational facilities in Australia and overseas.

In harmony with his photojournalistic work he is recognised as one of the country’s top artists for his diverse art practices including the ‘Lowanna’ series that infuses textures of earth onto the human form, ‘Towindri’ landscape art and ‘Smoke’ exhibition exploring the cultural significance of smoking ceremonies.  It is estimated his photographic exhibition of the ‘Apology’, ‘Sorry more than a Word’ that opened at Parliament House in Canberra has been experienced by more than a quarter of a million people and continues to attract large audiences as it travels the world.

Over the past few years he has held solo exhibitions in Havana, Tokyo, Mexico City, Caracas, New York and Los Angeles, Berlin, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and featured at the United Nations, New York.  In 2013 he was the featured artist at G’Day LA where his art was seen by more than 20 million people on USA television, he then opened a solo show in New York.  

These shows continue his international success’s from the Museum of Young Art, Vienna, several galleries in Berlin/Cologne/Dusseldorf/Hamburg as well as Russia, Guam, Indonesia and numerous galleries in Australia.  His ‘Towindri’ exhibition in Cairo attracted critical acclaim and toured Riyadh and Beirut in 2015 Type your paragraph here.

Having the ability to adapt and adjust to any environment or situation while producing world class work is the hallmark of my business.  Based in Melbourne, Australia with a understanding wife and forgiving daughter, I am in perpetual motion traveling between rural, remote and urban communities on a daily basis.  Nearly 30 years of constant travel has allows me to build an unprecedented network of contacts that ensures access to people and places at a moments notice. 

My style and approach to editorial, corporate, and commercial assignments is simple; engage, inform then collaborate with the people I am working for and the people I am working with.

This style has proved so successful clients including Herbert Smith Freehills commissioned me to shoot over 700 of their lawyers in 3 different states for their international corporate merger, the following week I was documenting Australian Icon Cathy Freeman in the Tiwi Islands for her foundation.  I am the Photographer/Artistic director of the now infamous 'Close the Gap' images that changed peoples perceptions of Indigenous health and official photographer of the 'Apology' a moment that stopped a nation, the photographs continue to tour the world in exhibitions. 

A specialist in visualising social media campaigns for companies like KPMG, NAB and the AFL and consulting with NGO's including OXFAM, Red Cross and Beyond Blue on cultural appropriate photographs.  Currently working with the national Indigenous health body NACCHO on a 300 part video series and building a national photographic library for a health provider.

These are the experiences I bring to your project. You tell me what you need and when you need and I will ensure it happens.

Wayne Quilliam

A.Professor RMIT

National NAIDOC Artist of the Year

Human Rights Award

Walkely Award

National Ambassador for the 'Year of Reading'

Nominated as a Master of Photography National Geographic

Photography and Digital Storytelling

With more than 30 years’ experience as a Professional photographer, Wayne has mastered the technical skills to capture a great image;
it is his experience to communicate conceptual and creative visions through the essence of photography that stands him apart.Wayne’s unique and very practical Photography courses prepare students to explore their creativity whilst learning the basics of digital storytelling. During the studies, students will develop concepts, explore photo lighting, integrate colour, prepare digital images for print & online and storing files. Lectures and Seminars A.Professor Quilliam interests span a number of areas across the social sciences and humanities, with significant knowledge to the fields of cultural diversity and cultural sociology.
His practical working knowledge of Indigenous communities in rural, remote and urban areas is unsurpassed. 
Visualising Indigenous culture has created a formative influence on the perception of the modern Aboriginal person, as his ‘storytelling’ plays a leading role in the development of cultural understanding. Wayne’s work in documenting all aspects of Indigenous life brings to life the social patterns of cultural practice and consumption in Australia and across the world. The common thread Wayne bases his discussions on are the ways in which ancient practices intertwine with modern day existence.

Art and Design consultation

Wayne Quilliam provides a holistic design solution to the modern day investor, art collector and interiors client by developing then connecting the artwork with the space. Offering a wealth of knowledge in art design, Wayne Quilliam works with corporate and private investors to create ‘One of a kind’ looks.  Wayne is one of Australia’s most coveted artists with more than 150 shows throughout the world including commissions in prestigious private and commercial collections.

Aboriginal  Photography  by Wayne Quilliam

specialising in event photography, aboriginal australians and australian aborigines


Digital storytelling facilitates our 21st Century Story Keepers in recording the personal narrative that will endure for others and influence global change through social media platforms.

A.Professor Wayne Quilliam is unique and alone in Australia for the experience, skill and cultural knowledge he brings to Indigenous photography and visual documentary as a practitioner and teacher.

The art of storytelling through images and words can educate, inspire and influence others - using personal experience to change perceptions, create social change and motivate others to explore new paths.

Wayne's vision is to develop the capacity of Aboriginal people and communities, especially young people, long term unemployed, Elders, disabled and community agencies to use and harness the power of digital storytelling to: educate others about the diversity of Aboriginal Australia, accelerate communication skills - including literacy and numeracy - of participants create an archive of Aboriginal Australia produced by communities themselves.