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Wayne Quilliam collaborates with the Yarralin Community for the 2017 Calendar

Photographic Essay International Writing Project

Wayne Quilliam features on NITV for his social documentary work

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Wayne Quilliam photographs the Yarralin community for the 2017 Calendar
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Aboriginal photographer Wayne Quilliam collaborates with the international writing project
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Wayne Quilliam photographer for Outback to the Icepack

Wayne Quilliam has been Reconciliation official photographer for more than 15 years

Indigenous photographer Wayne Quilliam shows work in New York USA
A.Professor Wayne Quilliam features on NITV with his photographic essays on Indigenous people
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Aboriginal photographer goes to Antarctica.

Wayne Quilliam is one the Aboriginal Artists on the Artists of the First Sunrise Project
IRCA Conference Photographs by Wayne Quilliam

A.Professor Wayne Quilliam exhibits in New York Feb 2017.

Australian Aboriginal Artists meld Art and Culture. A.Professor Wayne Quilliam is one of those artists with more than 200 international exhibitions

Indigenous photographer Wayne Quilliam has been Reconciliations Official photographer for 15 years

Wayne was the official photographer/videographer for the IRCA Conference in Yirrikala